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One stop platform which brings logistics, healthcare, Agriculture and entertainment industry onto the blockchain, working towards complete decentralization Novuszilla is a marketplace for all virtual assets.



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The Novuszilla comprises of a global community which teams up to work together towards a decentralized finance based platform, the Novuszilla started its operations from United Arab Emirates and United kingdom whereas UAE & England certifies, the Novuszilla platform as Novus Zilla Limited in their respective registrar of companies. The Novuszilla aims to build a community interested in virtual assets integrated with Web 3.0 and Metaverse. Novuszilla team builds an all in one crypto platform, comprising of a virtual world which introduces you with the Metaverse.

Blockchain is a one go solution to eliminate third party and have the control in our hand. We aim to build a platform which gives you the best experience of Blockchain technology and let world to be a part of it. Our NFT Marketplace launches celebrity NFTs meaning tokenizing their digital artwork and connecting fans to their favorite artists through the means of NFTs and crypto currencies providing the artists their deserved rewards and making it feasible for every fan to reach their favorite artist with their point of interests. To execute this vision we have established this all in one platform, which comprises of NFT Marketplace, Crypto Exchange, OTC Platform, crypto wallet, Staking and Metaverse Betting Applications comprised with immortal digital avatar. Novuszilla aims to grow together through the means of indulging in new technologies, benefiting everyone participating in it. It’s an honor to be introducing this biggest decentralised finance based system and helping youth grow with this.

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Note: This percentage is applicable according to ongoing phase coin price. As the coin price increases i.e. the ICO phases pass, the percentage return will decrease accordingly. Investor return percentage depends on the phase they participate in, the percentage return changes with every phase. This NOVUS Auto-Staking Bonus is available to anyone who booked their NOVUS during this period


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Health Care

Blockchain is an emerging technology being applied for creating innovative solutions in various sectors, Novuszilla uses blockchain as the prime technology in healthcare, Novuszilla builds a system in healthcare to preserve and exchange patient data through hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, pharmacy firms, and physicians. As Novuszilla’s blockchain applications can accurately identify severe mistakes and even dangerous ones in the medical field.

Thus, it can improve the performance, security, and transparency of sharing medical data in the healthcare system. Novuszilla makes it feasible for the medical institutions to gain insight and enhance the analysis of medical records.

Novuszilla’s Blockchain based solutions support healthcare globally with Various Capabilities, Enablers, and Unified Work-Flow Process which are presented diagrammatically.

Novuszilla’s Blockchain solutions plays a decisive part in handling deception in clinical trials; here, the potential of this technology offer is to improve data efficiency for healthcare.

It provides versatility, interconnection, accountability, and authentication for data access. For different purposes, health records must be kept safe and confidential. Novuszilla helps for the decentralized protection of data in healthcare and avoids specific threats.

Our system helps marketers to maintain an overview of the products used in medicine. Health and pharmaceuticals will get rid of counterfeit medications using our Blockchain based systems, enabling tracing of all these medicines. It helps discover the cause of falsification. It can guarantee the confidentiality of patient records; when medical history is developed, Blockchain can also store it, and this record cannot be modified. This decentralized network is used with all commodity hardware in the hospital. Researchers allow computing estimates for therapies, medicines, and remedies of diverse illnesses and disorders using the resources saved by these devices.

Our distributed Blockchain ledger architecture ensures that data is not processed in any centralized venue, making it accessible and accountable to all network users. This decentralized system avoids a single attack, strengthening and securing the system. It facilitates better control of health records and patient care by minimizing twice the amount of medical practice and monitoring, saving both practitioners and patients time and resources. The patient will watch where their information goes and achieve it by keeping health records on a blockchain.

Scholars can use this technology to analyses a massive volume of unveiled knowledge about a particular group of individuals. It helps for the advancement of precision medicine to be provided appropriately for longitudinal research. We use Blockchain for healthcare in real-time with the help of the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices to store and update valuable patient data such as blood pressure and sugar level. It helps doctors track patients who are vulnerable to high risk and, if an emergency occurs, advise and alert their careers and families. Our system has a decentralized structure that allows it safely to hack and avoids compromising any single copy of the records.

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